Vadelma Fest '06

The following text I translated from Finnish, Kalle from

(Unfortunately I got the images here from the loungeroom only, which at one point managed to turn into a fabulous dancefloor by the beat of Bollywood, since I was the dj there all night, and also a vj in the small hours. What a wonderful night we had again!)

"After Villa Siperia burnt, a quick decision was made to shift Vadelma Fest '06 to our own rooms in Lönkka. In the beginning the idea of having a summerfestival in a basement felt a little gloomy, but even more gloomier felt the idea of cancelling the whole thing, since we had already booked over ten performers. As unfortunate and tragic as the burning of Siperia was, it also seemed to motivate Vadelma as a collective; as if the energy bound in Siperia, set loose by the fire, had its part shifted to Vadelma. In two days we fixed the Vadelmarooms - never seen them as functioning and polished, and so when getting on toward Saturday evening the fest was ready to begin.

The multifaceted and variable musicprogram began with
Dj Saraswati's first India-set in the lounge-room. First liveperformance in the stage of the arthall was by My Divine Creature, which played a visual and stylish set for the increasing audience - dismal toned poprock in impressive clothes. Random Doctors was taking care of the videos in the arthall from the beginning till the end of the fest.

First band in the loungeroom stage was Vadelmaveteran Octopus Syng Alive, which played us an excellent and rather long gig with a special line-up. At the same time in the other side Pleasures and Days was beginning, The theme of their performance was "the on-going re-birth of the transcendental politics in the spirit of popularmusic". This band of two members' answer to the challenge of posthedonism was effectively hard, to say the least.

The evenings' other liveact in lounge-stage was
Olli Koivu. The duo had a fine set of acousticspirited popularsong-acting pop in Finnish, accompanied on guitars. The harder goings-on continued in the hall side when Luoja began. The band which has turned into trio played its heavy proge with an impressive grip.

Dj Saraswati continued in the lounge-room with more machine-made Indian music, and also in the big hall machines, synthesizers and record players were about for the rest of the night.
The last liveband in the main stage was two-man James Reipas, which gave the festivalpeople lively dancebeat, toned with guitar and organ, around midnight. From this the night was continued with breakbeat and drumbass by dj-gurumen Tomplex, Vox Pops, Apollo Bonaparte and Dave Angel. In the other side, in the trainrooms, was a small nightplay going on, acoustic in B2 and more electric in B3.

Festival audience was a total of 107 people. And alltogether around 20 people was participating in the organizing of the festival. There was no breach of the peace and also otherwise everything went amazingly well.

So thank you again for all the performers,
people participating in organizing, and guests!"

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